Kamis, 26 April 2012

Dangduters' opinion for evolving private car numbers in United Kingdom

The first car appeared on British roads in 1888. By the year 2000 there 
may be as many as 29 million vehicles on British roads

Alternative forms of transport should be encouraged and 
international laws introduced to control car ownership and use. 

To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Private cars were luxurious goods when it was firstly introduced.  Not many people can purchase cars. However, price for a private car has continued to decline for decades. Since it provide comfortability, many people began their preferences to use private car. Increasing car numbers need to control by alternative transport forms as well as international laws. I agree that  a large number of cars need to control to minimise their negative impacts.

Advocates for private car prefer self regulatory basis amidst of evolving car numbers. In their opinion, from consumer perspective, increasing number of car raise consumer access to receive comfortable transportation. Furthermore, evolving car sales can increase employment opportunities.

Nevertheless, those advocate opinions can be invalid if it is compared to their disadvantages. While the private car can provide comfortability to its customers,  evolving car numbers can make a traffic worse. Beside, large number of cars produce pollution that has a negative effects to the public health. Rather than depending on private cars, innovative policy to accomodate comfortable transportation modes should be initiated. The policy makers are responsible to make comfortable public transportation to discourage people on using private cars. Beside, private car existence in the road can be effectively shrinked by imposing international laws to limit number of cars.

In brief, I agree that number of cars should be limited. It is the time to stop evolving number of private cars existing in the road.

Senin, 23 April 2012

Dangdut music: Heart to Heart

Dangdut is popular but the question is why.
No matter who you are and what you are, Dangdut music has a big space for you, Dangdut lovers are from all ages, maybe the younger crowds are more excited about the Dangdut because this music got lots of life in it, lot of fire that can heat up your heart, listen to it and feel the energy crawling in your veins, full power Dangdut music is stronger than a Red Bull can, look at the people jumping, dancing excited, Hot Dangdut, is real hot and your source of daily energy,

Dangdut music is easy and hard music, only in Indonesia you'll find a fully equipped music band that can play the real rhythms of this wonderful Dangdut, while listening and enjoying makes your day easy and fun, putting so many incompatible musical instruments to work together is real hard but not to the Indonesians, they made it happen with the Dangdut music, Dangdut Made in Indonesia is the music from the heart and to the heart.

Dangdut banks' vocabulary

1. Escort
After long concerts in the morning, the dangdut actress was escorted to Anyer tourism village to take a nap for a while

2. Upcoming
Upcoming traditional dangdut concert will be held around next January 2013

3. Mingle
She mingles a lot with her fans during the dangdut live concerts

4. Beneath
My dangdut cassetes are beneath of my bed

5. Evolve
My desire to watch non-stop dangdut become evolve recently

6. Elaborate
I try to elaborate dangdut folklore with more romantics lyrics

7. Devoted
Those young lady has devoted so much time to practice dangdut lyrics and musics

Jumat, 20 April 2012

International exposures for Dangdut

1. The Economist: Indonesia:the girl who has a nation in a whirl
link: http://www.economist.com/node/1806056

2. Academic research (published by Oxford University Press) about dangdut
Google books: http://books.google.co.id/books?id=RoyOiyc21M8C&dq=dangdut+economist&hl=id&source=gbs_navlinks_s

Dangdut for my 'ojek' fellows

In the morning, as usual, I waited my motorcycle taxi driver (ojex) to escort me from Cikarang terminal to my workplace.  He made conversation with me while he ride his favourite motorcycle.

As a motorcycle taxi driver, he shared his disappointment losing a bet with his friend for the champions league matches. He decided to bet Barcelona  to win against Chelsea. Unfortunately, he had a bad luck in the occasion since Barcelona lost 0-1 with Chelsea.

In the day, he had to work harder to get larger revenues to pay his debt for a bet and to fullfill his daily living. How sad you were my ojex fellows.  Hopefully, you did not go further for a wild racing to express your dissappointment. Instead, it is very good to hear dangdut music called 'Barcelona'. Here is the song.

Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFBvIzHRaZo&feature=related

Your 'ojex' customers'


Dangdut should not be undermined

Dangdut's music is often underestimated by many people. Those kind of people always claim dangdut is just silly music. They feel itchy to be a dangdut fans. Sometime, when dangdut is on their radio channels, they will change to other radio stations.

How sad is dangdut development in Indonesia. The music album has been commonly bargained with low price. Beside, many of great albums are often pirated. Rather than to become a dangdut mucisian, Many young boys are keen to follow western musicians styles as well as want to become similar to the singers in the future. Nevertheless, dangdut is not favour in the younger people hearts.

Dangdut should not be undermined. Every dangdut fans should not shame to show their preference to dangdut music. They should show that they can rock with dangdut. They can dance above common musics costums. They can deeply feel enjoy with listening dangdut.


Sabtu, 07 April 2012

Dangdut music to be promoted to UNESCO heritage list

An Indonesian official confirmed on Saturday that dangdut music is one step closer to being promoted to the heritage list of the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).
Education and Culture Deputy Minister for Cultural Affairs Wiendu Nuryanti said that the dangdut community was currently in the process of completing the requirements, kompas.com reported.
She added that there are some documents needing to be completed before the government could officially propose the idea to the UN body.
“Several dangdut singers including ‘King of Dangdut’ Rhoma Irama, his son Ridho Rhoma and female singer Ikke Nurjanah are working very hard to prepare everything in the hope of dangdut being included in the list,” she told reporters before opening a national seminar at March 11 University (UNS) in Surakarta, Central Java.
A mixture of Indian music and pop music, dangdut has risen to prominence as one of the most popular musical genres in the country from the 1970s until now.
Kompas.com also reported that Papuan noken bags have also been nominated for inclusion in the list, which will be decided in November at UNESCO’s annual meeting.
Last year, UNESCO officially recognized the traditional Saman dance of Aceh as part of world heritage at the annual meeting held in Bali. (asa)

Source: http://www.thejakartapost.com/news/2012/04/07/dangdut-music-be-promoted-unesco-heritage-list.html